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This cap protects you from the blazing sun so it is comfortable
for summer sports and outdoor life.
This cap consists of newly developed and highly absorbable fibers.
Its evaporation heat makes you feel cool.
This is fantastic and convenient! Cool sunshade cover can be worn
or taken out from the inside. the naming is "COOLBIT COOL CAP".
The "coolbit" was introduced at SPORTS JAPAN 2001 International Show.
Go coolbit booth!

International PAT.P (C)KOBAYA JAPAN
Feel cool! Your back scruff of the neck is protected from
ultraviolet rays.( See the right phot)
Highly absorbable fibers are worn in the back of the sunshade cover.
It makes you feel cool because it absorbs water.
The left phot shows the cover set into the cap.
The phot @ to B are shown from inside of the cap.

idea pointPG
The sunshade cover can be worn or taken out by turning
on an axis from @ to B.
The surface of the sunshade cover won*t be stained by
your hair oil because it is always lining cloth when
it is positioned inside or outside of the cap.
The sunshade is accommodated in the cap by turning on
an axis that is freely on/off.
The surface cloth is not stained because the lining cloth
is always touched with the hair.
The portion of cooling head can be changed.
Idea Point 2
This is cool due to the absorption of over 10 times water.
The photo of the vertical section that highly absorbable
fiber is attached in the back when it absorbs water.
(Upper is after the absorption.)

The cool cap coolbit makes you new feeling.
International patent pending and copyrights registrated.
The products of the idea will market on 2001 spring in Japan.
This idea was applicated as a world patent include U.S.A,
Europe, China, and other 60 countrys,the inventor wants
to contact who can be the partner for each countrys market.
"coolbit cap&hat" details;
Effect report;(WEB)
Consept detail(200kB);
Sports desgins(300KB);
Out door desgins(300KB);
Relational his idea for builder;(WEB)

The idea inventor Mr T.Kobayashi

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